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IB Psychology

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The following IB Psychology essay is an exemplar of how critical thinking can be used in an essay for the Paper II IB Psychology examination. It answers the question: Discuss the role of communication in the maintenance of relationships, an ERQ related to the Human Relationships option in the IB Psychology course.

Developmental psychology is the study of how and why people change over time in the way they behave, think, and relate to others. Developmental psychology focuses on developmental themes such as identity, attachment and adolescence.

-Piaget’s theory of cognitive development >philosophy of constructivism on the way children learn. >new knowledge is adapted to fit schemas.

>researched his own children and the children of colleagues >used clinical interview: open-ended conversation; used to understand children’s comprehension of. Database of FREE Psychology essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas.

Sample Psychology essays! The options are a chance for the students to apply their understanding of concepts from the core of the course. SL candidates must study one option; HL candidates must study two. Each option has three "topics." The exam will give them three questions to choose from - they will choose one to write a well-developed essay in one hour.

Each question comes from one of the three topics.

Psych ib developmental essay
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