American express and the charge card

3 Key Differences — Charge Card vs. Credit Card

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American Express

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American Express Credit Cards

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American Express Credit Cards

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American Express

A charge card is a specific kind of credit card. The balance on a charge card account is payable in full when the statement is received and cannot be rolled over from one billing cycle to the next.

American Express and Diner's Club are two well-known organizations that offer charge cards. The American Express Platinum Charge is a premium card with some fantastic benefits such as unlimited Virgin lounge access, bonus points and much more.

Charge cards were once widely used, but the market for them has been largely conceded to American Express (Amex). Nowadays, consumers mainly turn to credit cards for their spending needs, as the rewards and perks can be very similar.

The Platinum Card® from American Express, for example, has a fee of $ By contrast, many credit cards have no annual fee, although cards that match the rewards and travel perks of charge. If you love choice, the American Express ® Gold Card now comes in Gold or a limited edition Rose Gold metal only until 01/09/ Whichever color you choose, you can indulge in all the incredible dining benefits that make it a must for foodies.

The American Express Black Card: Everything You Need to Know American express and the charge card
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